Winner fights McGregor, then goes to McDonalds 😂 😂


Fights are good. The spice in the hockey game.


@newyorkrangerscentral I believe McQuaid is considered a leader as well


@tyrox12fandom not just fights physicality and sandpaper in the lineup.


I can talk about the Boston Terriers all day long. Follow me if you share my love of Boston Terrier ❤️


Hell ya let’s goooo


@willgamba51 make hockey violent again.


@tyrox12fandom nhl there are rarely wins, except when a playmaker goes against a goon. It’s just fun to watch the punches fly, and no teams throwing more punches then the isles


@nilan10 well if you’re teammates get leveled I think the idea is to win the fight


@tyrox12fandom hey they all suck, but they still fight. Goal isn’t to win em, it’s to have the most 😂


@nilan10 Johnston is overrated Martin is a bum clutterbuck isn’t even a fighter mayfield doesn’t wanna get hit and boychuck is so overrated as a fighter


@tyrox12fandom what r u talking about we have 7 fourth liners and a fighting goalie 😂


Not a great showing, but a least he has the balls. Bring back the enforcers!!


@nilan10 the islanders are a bunch of pansies


@tyrox12fandom islanders have a fighting goalie so we’re gonna beat u there.




With him McLeod and beleskey we’re gonna lead the league in fights I can’t stand people who say fights are useless

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