Ed Bolian

The LP640 is in primer. Soon to be #verdedraco




@edbolian do you know of any places I could buy verde Draco paint?


Any photos of the finished product ??? @edbolian


Still no photos?


Where is this car ????


I hope you filmed some of the process.


@edhem__ car will be fully dismantled doors sprayed off the body


This is going to be Legen....


Come back to the YouTube channel your stories have helped me with writing articles for my school newspaper!!!


Never sell this car


Big daddy Ed


YESSSSS finally!!


I can’t wait to see this when it’s done


Can't believe your actually gonna do this, in the mean time what other mods will there be?


Hot stuff 🔥


I think you mean "soon to be perfection"


Can't wait


I think I am almost as excited as you are to see this


I’m way excited to see the results! It will look great!


Love that color!! Like that it’s not to flashy but has amazing depth


Can’t wait! Gonna be epic


Hope its not a closed door spray


Honestly thought it was a reventon


I think it’s going to look 🔥🔥


Will the wheels be change or repainted a special color?


Looking good!


Reading your book and I love your color references throughout as the actual production color name. I never know what color you're talking about unless I Google it lol.


I can't wait to see this, going to be so beautiful!


That’s epic!


Can't wait!


How many Verde Dracos in existance?

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