Kimberly Stalowski-Fedison

After almost 11 years, and some long hard thought, I have decided to officially write the final chapter in my Pure Romance story and close the book. I am saying goodbye for now, maybe not forever, but for the foreseeable future. That's the cool thing about this company and my amazing leader...they will both be there with open arms if/when I decide to come back. I've finally made peace with my heart that it's time to take my foot off first base and completely go for second! I'm excited for my new business and new, healthy journey helping people to finally stop suffering. Thank you for 10+ years of fun and friendship. It means more than you will ever know. Pure Romance has changed the trajectory of my life forever and I'm so happy I took the leap back in 2008! That being said, I have inventory and demo items that need to go. If you'd like to join my private group, that is where I will be posting what I have left. Please comment below to be added.
If youd like to continue to support my small business or keep seeing inspirational posts from me, please pop over to @hempworxhottie and give it a like. I'd love to still offer you exceptional client care and maybe you'll discover a new business opportunity that you can join me on and a product that will change your life like it has for me!
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