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Thank you to everyone who messaged me about the $300k Bugatti a couple weeks ago. I decided to pass after some serious negotiation. Story in the link in my bio.




How are you guys. My name is juan hernandez, i work for bugatti miami, i saw you guys video about the flood bugatti. In case you guys are interested, we have a complete interior from another veyron in stock. Let me know.


How did I know @therealtavarish would come up in this?


Who can I use for a pre purchase inspection on a higher end sedan in Marietta Georgia? I am from out of state and want a third party to do it for me.


@stephan_is_bored_so_he driver didnt get distracted he crashed it to try and commit insurance fraud


@aabecerra also Mike, @streetspeed717 put a quick bit in about my car last year at Carlisle. If you see his video of a Honda 140 mph burnout embarrasses V8 (something like that), my Diablo is embedded in that video. Told him not to put it in the thumbnail or description cause it would get filtered out. So it worked. He got like 640k views in less than 10 days before he had 500k subs yet.


@aabecerra thanks man. Dunno if you wanna spread the word, but getting filtered from view because I'm doing things that have been suppressed for over 100 years is getting old. I'd like to see more people copy what I do and let it see the light of day. Thanks for the follow.


@sisqocracker Seriously?! The one where the police tried to get you to pull over with some sort of paddles? Haha! Loved that one, awesome to talk to you. I'm looking up and following your other stuff now. 160mpg is a must see.... πŸ‘πŸ‘


@aabecerra van also Google search my sisqocracker for other content. I've got a lambo Diablo kit that should hit 160 mpg! Runs on a single 24# fuel injector. πŸ˜πŸ‘


@aabecerra I've got 2 out there. Hubgarian cops can't catch me. And coolest first car ever. 95 and 78 TA stories respectively.


@sisqocracker No I haven't. Your Instagram doesn't ring a bell. I've watched most of the VinWiki stories too so I most likely have! What should I search to find it?


@aabecerra yeah. Hadn't seen that video with the audio up. I'm sure I seen it when it made its rounds. Have you seen my stories on vinwiki? Recorded them in November, last year.


When the other guy isn't a shrewd negoiator.


@sisqocracker It's a quote from the original video, however, the picture is from a different source. Still, go watch it!


@sisqocracker Yes, he is. It's a quote from the video this picture derives from. Look up the video on YouTube! It's a classic.


@areyoueighteen it’ll buff out


@streetbikenick sounds like a me kind of story want to get it?


Happened on i45s between Texas City & Galveston. It was a big talking point here in Houston for a while


Loved how the back story went on that one! Definitely tops our CrAzY stories!


@rxelise I'm sure you're joking! πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜


Pretty sure that’s a Lambo.


Ed this YouTube is sick bro


Always wondered about this video


@perpetual_wins thanks for the info, i didnt know that!


Serious or Shrewd?


Awesome video! Just got done watching it


@stephan_is_bored_so_he looks like a couple years ago..... looks like they took the pic with a ipod nano,lol


I cant wait to watch this video !


@_tristan_lu it was Andy House, he's out now.


Watching πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


@stephan_is_bored_so_he not distracted purposely driven into water


Lol this is the one that was intentionally driven into a lake right?


Such an awesome story!


I wonder what this shrewd negotiator will end up selling it for.


Probably another 800g in parts alone and still have a flood damage declaration.


@therealtavarish do you have some spare change laying around?

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