svdden death

I tamed this dog from a wild Beast with my intellect and power πŸ“· @thejoelarkin

4,344 Denver, Colorado



Max looks like the coolest dad ever




This is the content I subscribed for


ubur rocks jordans


this is so cute


Damn ur such a cutie




Cute monkey


you’re still a faggot


@nathanhowland u need more clout for that cut. Get a dog and a career


Danny can I just have this haircut it looks really good


we ❀️ wholesome content




That’s a literal teddy bear


These captions kill me


@brklynbrk this post made my day


Turnips πŸ†


That doge be skerpin’ on the derp doe πŸ₯“


Doge gvng, slaughter gvng, vvs on dat thang






@cahil_abraham Cahil I actually think it’s a Pom






Nice dawgo 😳


@uburdub i was thinkin the same thing got damn cuties


you're literslly handsome squidward in the 2nd pic


the cutest


@avaclover the industries fav dog


@hanniebass no YOU are 😝


Only in Colorado.




@zazzeematilda what the fuck is this ? Korgi shiba?



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