svdden death

2 Winners get a release with Bassrush Records on our official BZZRK remix pack! Due Nov 2nd, link in bio ✨

3,149 Hollywood



Dude where is the email !? THis is ready to send


@j2stin you already know what I’m workin on🤘🏼


I'm on it 🔥


@nastynatemusic 4 computers later i finally got it lmao


Definitely gonna make a heater with this one


@behemothdubz same man you figure it out?


Felt my dick move for the first time after seeing this


Doin it


Hey @svddendeath make my dreams come true and make some filth with u im ur # 1 fan out here


@jaidum01 I'll look into this for sure 🤔🧐


@boi_jonnie one time for the filth


@iam_jacko_music u know i already am boiiiii


@bankstanza EZ, I made it during the morning 💩🚿☕. We good!.... Now we just need to record it from my mouth, to the computer. What's this thing they call a SERUM??


@_wiggum defilers vip surely


@kozmozmusic this is all you my bro, show them what alien gang is about 👽


Cant get the stems):


@abbeyheadbangs yuh I’m going to start working on this tomorrow lol i seen it and I was like I should and now that u tagged me in even more confident I should! 🤟🏽🤟🏽


Where can I find the stems?


@slimezmusic please make a remix for this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


What if I just chop and screw it like the svdden death rise remix 😂 @svddendeath



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