Sandra Pierce

Absolutely delighted to announce our Superfood skin hero has won ANOTHER AWARD ūüŹÜ. SUPERGREENS was crowned ‚ÄėSustainable Hero‚Äô That‚Äôs right, Super Greens was crowned ‚ÄėSustainable Hero‚Äô in the @womenshealthbeauty 2018, which is such a prestigious, coveted award!

The judges were impressed by Tropic’s eco credentials, and the sustainable ways we source our ingredients. A great deal of research goes into choosing our suppliers and I loved learning all about the ripple effect of sustainably sourcing our ingredients.

For example, Inca Inchi oil has started their own project to guarantee fair income to farmers and producers, while also working to improve their working and living environments.

The programme will help to develop 20,000 hectares of Inca Inchi culture, associated with the replenishing of Amazon deforested areas. Moreover, this programme will ensure 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in agriculture, industry and various Peruvian services!
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