Sitting at the airport in LA we’re about to board our next flight home to Melbourne, Australia. Even though it’s only been 7 months since setting off, a much shorter time then our first stint of travel (18months), we can’t not appreciate the dramatic affect it has had on us. We’re returning home with a extra level of gratitude for the past two and a half years of travelling the world. So many beautiful, positive people have walked into our lives. So many breathtaking places have been in the reflection of our eyes. We return home with no regret, only the drive to push on and repeat this lifestyle which leaves us so energised and happy. Living in #banff Canada has been the most inspired and creatively driven we’ve ever felt. We know it’s a repetitively written sentence, but with our gratitude ever growing, we want to say THANK YOU to everybody who has followed and encouraged us along. At this stage we don’t know exactly what is in store for the future, but we’re already excited about it! First things though, we can’t wait to get into warmer weather, see friends and family then be touched by some salt water and ocean air ✌🏼
Next stop ↠ Melbourne
Next day ↠ Perth, WA
📸 Jasper National Park: our favourite moment of the past 4 months

870 Jasper National Park



So pretty and peaceful


You are so talent, i like your photos so muchh 💓💓




Looking forward to your next adventures! 👍


If I lived in Banff I would never leave!!


Very beautiful🙂




I love you guys!!!!! I'm so glad our paths finally crossed after trying to for a year! I cannot wait for more travel adventures with you guys in the future ❤️❤️

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