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The Greatest Teenage Hitter in @MLB History is about to be HUGE in Japan!

2,243 Tokyo, Japan



@5r1kar a highly know baseball writer just said the Phillies are gonna give Bryce 400 million


Follow me if BARTOLO is the real og 🚨


@5r1kar he was offered 300 million dollars for 10 yrs




If Bryce doesn’t want to play with us then let it be because we still have a future star in Juan Soto and everyone else who is committed to this team. If Bryce signs with another team for the money with opt outs and for a ring then fine, he gave the Nats great memories that us Nats fans will always cherish and we will struggle without him but that’s baseball and we will have to live with his decision.




Harper is a silly boy


@fivefeettwelve This's where I used to work at! ⚾️😜


Goodbye bryce haahahahahhhahah #goodbyenats


@kirk.wixon there were no opt outs so im not surprised


@d.l.aguilar whats this about?


@dbeall1213 I didn't say it was their final offer... I said he turned down the one he was offered...


@5r1kar he turned down the offee


@kirk.wixon he wants opt outs...$30M will be mid-range in 5 years. He would stupid to take this deal and we would be stupid to think this is Nats final offer.


@5r1kar he supposedly turned down a 10 year 300 mil contract. He just doesn't really wanna play for the nats anymore it seems like. Can't really blame him tho. I'm not a nats fan but I still want him to stay w the nats πŸ’€πŸ˜‚


@5r1kar no...don’t.


Give Bryce money please



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