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Photo by @peteressick | Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, Ohio. The modern environmental movement in the USA was born here when the Cuyahoga River set on fire on June 22, 1969. The reaction from a TIME magazine article about the event resulted in the first Earth Day a year later, and the Clean Water Act followed in 1972. Like many rivers in the Great Lakes region, the water quality of the Cuyahoga is much improved but the sediments, vegetation and aquatic life are still impaired.




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This is great


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@molly_niemi funny how you mentioned how polluted this river used to be


I can take you down to that spot and see the view in person.


Great city but even better natural resource, Great Lakes and its rivers teaming with life @natgeo


Wow very sharp image


Nice 😍👍


The Cuyahoga is beautiful in an industrial sort of way! I used to row on the Cuyahoga River in the 90’s and would feel a little squeamish every time water was splashed on me- which only happened all the time!


My Spiritual home.


CLE @meagansalata @ajsalata @eschonho thought this was cool


Nice!! We used to live south if there and you captured the lake and city beautifully!


@paulinerachel8 little bit of trivia on Cleveland


So is their football team


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I was raised by the headwaters of the Cuyahoga river in Chesterland😊


Rock and roll of the fame...building?


Love seeing Cleveland featured!The Cuyahoga River has actually caught fire 13 times; the photo used by Time magazine was actually from a more serious fire that occurred in 1952. There are no known photos of the ‘69 fire that brought about such positive change. 🔥




@moogan___ it’s literally toxic

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