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Photo by @dguttenfelder. A crash of hippos in a pool of water in Tanzania’s Serengeti. #onassignment for @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions




@amalkhiralla shaklohom ye5od 😂


The collective noun for Hippos is a crash!? The more you know 🌈⭐️


This is an amazing foto 👏🔥😍


@belikejill315 I want to be a hippo!


@davidcl_91 hagamos algo en vola morrillos


@eseura jajajajaja longi, que harás más tarde?


@davidcl_91 joajojaoajojoa como no te iba avisar que te publicaron 🙊


@eseura wjaajjjactmmm no había visto esta huea😂😂


@tboldrini ♥️♥️♥️


Let's explore the unexplored Beauty 🌍 follow 📲 @wierdbeauty ⬅ for more updates. Perfect companion for all nature lovers 🗺




Amazing 😍🔝


Me n friends @ brunch




J have Bern there!


@love2golf 🤔 I’ve never seen so many hippos together. I don’t seem to like them as much in a group


@aapierce2 saw some yesterday!


@nitchuin absolutely, I'm in


@antarexxa so cute.. thanksss


@marblecat 😍😍😍😍


@kelsi_gaddes lets go swimming


@ckissee bet you're seeing some of these!!


@antoninotrapani fanno troppa impressione


@julianlamor jjajaajajaj🖕🏼


Lembra-se Joana Teotonio Pereira ?


What's all the fuss about; let's get to the hippobottomofthis!


Precious nature :)


Magnifique photo 👍🏻

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