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Photo by @amivitale | A keeper feeds
three orphaned baby rhinos at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (@lewa_wildlife) in #Kenya. Animals here receive dedicated, constant care from their keepers, who look after their health and help prepare them for life in the wild. Indigenous communities are on
the front lines of the fight against poaching and landscape destruction, making them the best protectors of the endangered wildlife around them.

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Soooooooo goooood!!!!😍😍😍😍😍


Please do not release them, only to be dehorned and killed


@camleflem toi quand je sors le petit dej


@gozar.m.h اینستا زهرا رو ندارم


@fotros_129 خخخخخ بفرس براشون


تو زهرا و پروین وقتی سرچایی دعوا می کنید @gozar.m.h


❤️ These little ones - they need all the love you can give them ❤️ ...




@sophiageris you can adopt them


@lelove nahhh extinct


Precious babies.... A dream to be able to care for such beautiful creatures. Thank you for your heart.


Hermosos 😍


So cute!!l!


@clutchcitycam buy the damn ticket and we’ll go


@clutchcitycam bro that’s in Africa Uganda Nigeria area. You have to get like 20 vaccs and you might die


Thank you for your hard work and dedication. 👍🏻


Sac ekimlerimiz kasım ayında sizlere kampayalı fiyatlarla bize ulaşın f5e723




@janin_ledesma ayyy wow yo quiero !!!😍😍 son unicornios gorditos 😍


Poor lil babies ❤️❤️

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