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Photo by @FransLanting When ice gets compressed at the bottom of a glacier or ice field it becomes blue. The older the ice, the bluer it gets. By that measure the iceberg I encountered in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea one day was ancient ice that had calved off from the continent’s edge under the influence of global warming. It was the size of a cathedral, but without that gathering of chinstrap penguins on its flanks it would be hard to get a sense of its size. This image is part of a portfolio of my work that is now on display at London’s Natural History Museum today where I received the great honor last night of a Lifetime Achievement Award from @nhm_wpy, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Follow me @fransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more images and stories from a lifetime of chronicling our changing planet.
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Eu espero q as pessoas olhem o mundo como um todo... E saibam aqui somos apenas visitantes e sendo assim cuidemos para os próximos moradores que estão por vir.





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