Pennie Swim

F A M I L Y.

Instagram tells me that I need to spend all my time scrolling and liking and commenting in order for people to see my posts. .
But my family requires real quality time where I look my kids in the eyes and listen to how their day has been. My lack of posting is a mixture of life being crazy + trying to decide what matters most to me. There is no judgment for others who use social media more or less. I just want to care less about what to do about the Instagram algorithm (πŸ™„) + do more to make memories with the people around me. Life is just too short to miss being in the moment.
Thank you for being here through the ups and downs of Pennie Swim. I’m still not sure what the upcoming season will look like for this small business, but when I know, I’ll let you know!😊
πŸ“·: @kyleedaytonphoto 🧑






All the 😍😍 for your beautiful family!!!


@hannahlolsen Thanks Hannah!😊


@lauryljensen 😘😘😘


@caitlinb_carlton 😭 ah, thanks for the encouragement- it means so much!πŸ’•


@finnandolive You are so kind! Thanks for always being supportive! I look up to you more than you know!😘


@stacy_paul07 Thank you Stacy! Miss you!😚


@lovesimplykate haha, you are the sweetest! Ill definitely be posting tons on my personal account☺️ And yeah, that was the easiest 10 days to have no pressure to be on here and trying to think of posts...ha!


@rachellelarei Thank you girl!😘


@kyleedaytonphoto I’ve never been so excited about family pictures before! Already planning on next year too😚


@mrsjesssmith Thank you!😊 It’s from Zara!


I need to see them all!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ❀️❀️❀️❀️


These are amazing! And that sibling love capture is priceless!


Such a beautiful family!


Love, love, love! These are so great!


they are so sweet. your family is so beautiful. πŸ’› I hope you don’t go anywhere. my Pennie needs all the suits!!


Wow!! This is incredible!! And I feel the same way about it all. Your family is beautiful, good job babe!


I love these pictures! I want to see more!


Alli!!!! I am literally DEAD!!!!! These are so so GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD! Oh my gosh I’m obsessed! I want to see them all! And hooray for being off the phone as much! I’ve been trying to too lately and I’m not missing it lol


LOVE this pic!! 😍😍😍


IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!❀️❀️❀️❀️ Sweetest family😭


Sweetness! Where did you get your daughters jumper dress?

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