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What an amazing Sema show we just experienced! Year 9 for our high performance division, and this was the best one yet!
It was a great experience to showcase our friends at @sheepeyrace again this year with their new twin turbo 458 project, and to shoot with @larry_chen_foto for the @thehoonigans at sunrise the day before the show started.
This year was extra special because we were able to work with the young men from the team @honestassembly and @visfire to showcase their fully restored BMW E30m3 w/ the world’s 1st BMW S55 engine swap into an older chassis - watching these young guys throughout the week attend their 1st Sema show, and to see the reaction to their beautifully executed car reminds me of why we all got into this business in the 1st place. Sometimes we get jaded by the business side of things, but these young men (all 21-24 years old) reminded us that it really starts at the fundamental level with the love and passion we all have for modifying cars. To see their car crack into the top 12 of Sema’s battle of the builders was extra special.
It was a long week of no sleep, but it’s always worth it in the end. You bet we’ll be coming hard with something special for our 10th year anniversary next year ✌🏽 —————————————————- #CSFrace #CSFcooling #sheepeyrace #sheepeyexotics #honestassembly #s55b30 #bimmerworld #sema2018 #sema #ferrari458 #ltmw #priordesign #rotiform #toyotires #bimmerworld #bmwm3 #e30m3 #f80m3 #f82m4 #bmwgram #botb2018 #CSFradiators #speedhunters #speedacademy #superstreet #motoiq #euroklasse #COOListheNewHOT




@mancobra didn’t you touch this inappropriately??


Couldn't have done it without you guys, cannot thank you enough for all the advice and support!


👌👌👌 Well done guys!


Well earned Ravi. Well earned.


So thankful to have had our car displayed at the @csf_radiators booth! On top of all the support, I appreciate all the personal stories and coaching provided to the team to help navigate through our first hectic week at SEMA.


Congrats Ravi! 👊🤙




@jeffweinhuff Cory has a few tricks left up his sleeve


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The bimmer & the rari 🇩🇪🇮🇹


@csf_radiators Thank you guys so much for your unwavering support and encouragement throughout the week, I sincerely doubt we could have accomplished what we did without your help!


You guys killed it!


Congrats man. 🙌🙌🙌


Unreal year is the books for sure @csf_radiators! Was an epic SEMA to say the least. Those @honestassembly boys crushed it on the build. Time to start prepping for the 10-yr strong show - let’s do this. 👊


Good seeing you sir, the booth was a hit! Looking forward to 2019!


Thanks a lot guys! We're glad we got to share this experience with you and be showcased in your booth. We can't tell you how much we appreciate all the kind words and help you gave us throughout the week. Cheers! 👍

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