Raina O'Dell

For my BFF @karilikesorry that just finished her marathon.
Girl, I would have joined you, but...

859 Springfield, Missouri



@nathanandkarly daily. It really was an issue 😂


Totally rocks!


I just got the image of me trying to walk the baby to sleep while my wine spills all over the stroller 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😅


Hi! Please read your DM if you got time! 💛


@rainavsfood HAHAHAHA yas. When humans ask if I run, I’m like nope but illbe your biggest cheerleader from behind “speed” walking haha




@sbleeks7 😂😂


@rainavsfood I knew one of your posts said you were from SWMO, I just didn't realize you meant Springfield! Love it there! Was my home until about 4 years ago. Safe travels!


@lorridinkins hahah yep. Born and raised.


@rainavsfood I'm very curious about you being in Springfield, Mo!?!? 😀





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