#followmeto Moscow Drone Hyperlapses. This is the second sister from the “Seven Sisters of Moscow” - a group of seven skyscrapers that continue to define Moscow’s skyline. #osmannlapse - Music by: @odesza

23,983 Moscow, Russia



That´s very inspiring 😀 i think you would fit perfect in my travel team !🛩


.∵∵◢∵∵∵∵∵∵◣∵ ∵∵◢▇▇▇◣◢▇▇▇◣∵ ∵◢▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇◣∵ ◣▇◥▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇◤▇◢ ▇◤∵◥▇▇▇▇▇▇◤∵◥▇ ▇∵∵∵◥▇▇▇▇◤∵∵∵▇ ▇◣∵∵◢▇▇▇▇◣∵∵◢▇ ◥▇▇◣▇▇▇▇▇▇◢▇▇◤ ∵◥▇▇▇▇◢◣▇▇▇▇◤∵ ∵∵◣▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇◢∵∵ ◥▇▇◥△▼▼▼▼△◤▇▇◤ ◢▇▇◣▉◢▲▲◣▉◢▇▇◣ ▇▇◢╳▉◥▇▇◤▉╳◣▇▇ ▇◢◤▊▊▉◣◢▊▊▉◥◣▇ ◥◥▇▇▇▇◤◥▇▇▇▇◤◤ ∵◢▇╳△╳╳╳╳△╳▇◣∵ ∵▇▇╳▉╳╳╳╳▉╳▇▇∵ ∵◥◢╳▉╳╳╳╳▉╳╳◤∵ ∵◢▊▊▊▉◣◢▉▊▊▉◣∵ ∵◥▇▇▇▉◤◥▉▇▇▇◤∵ ∵∵◥▇▇▉╳╳▉▇▇◤∵∵ ∵∵∵◤◢▅▅▅◤∵◥∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵▇▅▅▇∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵◥▅▅▇∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵◥▅▅◣∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵◥▅▅◣∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵▇▅▇∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵▇▅◤∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵◢▅◤∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵◥▅∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◥∵∵∵∵∵∵




I miss my home town ❤️

Классные фотки :)


You do such an amazing job of capturing the magic of different parts of the world






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Wooooooow 👏👏😱😱😱😱😱😱


Nice IG. Moga mewah rezeki


Wow incredible !!💯




@itay_sorin say thank you baby


Что за песня


Spectacular depiction of imagination ❤️


@andreev.arts кстати, как вариант, вместо таймлапс можно медленно пролететь тот же круг, и ускорить на посте) я так делал таймлапс за неимением возможности сделать быстро подготовить оборудования, да и не желая убивать затвор фотоаппарата)


Здорово, только все равно не много танцуют)


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Just Beautiful.. amazing work


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@yebom_0423 크 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Unfortunately, it’s Russia, a country I and many others will never forgive for swaying the 2016 U.S. election to Donald Trump. I can no longer enjoy any image of such a despicable nation.


@han_02_na ㄴ나중에 여기 가자


Как красиво❤️


Hot damn

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