Raina O'Dell

A stay at home mom, a recovering addict, a sales marketer, a nurse, a physical therapist, a project lead, an analyst, a commission specialist, and an ophthalmic tech all brought together by a passion for fitness, helping others, and a DEEP NEED for more in life. .
The 9 of us jumped at the opportunity (just like our jump into our business) to fly to New Jersey to see Tony Robbins knowing that it was going to be a game changer for our business without realizing that it would actually change us to our core.
We’ve cried. We’ve laughed, we hugged, we shared without hesitation, we opened up, and we grew. TOGETHER. And soon, we will head home to our families, our kids, and our dogs as NEW women knowing not what we SHOULD change but instead what we MUST. #UPW #foreverbonded 💜

758 Newark, New Jersey



Love love love!!!!!!




@muhlayknee aw thank you so much!


I started following after your IGTV about a comment and I had a new found respect. Then the more I read.. the more you impress me. Your soul has an energy the internet can’t fuck with. I admire that. ❤️


You’re not really In Newark are you??


Yes! We need those brain shocks—We need real—We need to love (ourselves) and we need to forgive (ourselves). No regrets!




So close to me! I wish I knew about it. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I listen to him all the time I need to go to a event. #kingprocastinator

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