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Breaking Fast | Photograph by Arnab Basu
As the sun sets during the month of Ramadan, construction laborers gather in Dubai so that can break their day-long fast and feast together. #YourShotPhotographer Kimberly Coates (@kimcoatesphoto) commented, "I love how you can zoom into any aspect of this photo and find a unique interaction."

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Grafik renk harika👏👏👏

سلام پیچ منم دیدن کنید!




Love it 😍


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This looks so peaceful.. ..


Amazing 😍






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they are muslims


Nice shot


Great shot ! I like this atmosphere of togetherness 👏😍🙌🙌


beautiful 👏👏👏






Such Perspective!❤️




How amazing!


I also want to be among them MashaAllah SubhanAllah

Amazing shot


Great pic


Magnificent 😍

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