Raina O'Dell

What a week. What a fucking week. Leaving #UPW with a new mindset, renewed energy, and PUMPED coaches.
I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin’ —> this girl is going to CRUSH some goals. Watch. I’m just getting warmed up.

824 New Jersey



I was there!!! Best experience ever!!!!


Looking like a boss 😎


Shake that Ass! 🔥🔥🔥


Why the 4 letter words that the kids can read?


You always seem to be on a different level than most. Interested to see you jack it up even higher! Tonys hard to beat for inspired action and state management.


What a great feeling! Worth every penny, I assume?!


Fucking incredible! My life will never be the same. And You. Freakin’. Rock! See ya’ back in the Rockies!


Nice Niki Minaj reference there 🙌🏻 yo go girl! ✨


Wow this is incredible


Omg @rainavsfood so I stumbled across your page through seeing your IGTV story on my feed about your travelling and parenting rant to some women! Just want to YESS girl!! I loved everything you said I know it’s a few weeks since you did this but your message is so important! my kids don’t define who I am, we all need mum / alone time id go insane if I didn’t think what your doing is amazing 💕


I have on my vision board to go to one of his conventions❤️



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