Sandra Pierce

If you’d like to come along as my special guest to one of the roadshows in January. Meet @susiematropic and listen to her inspiring talk on why natural skincare is something we should all be embracing and why. Susie will uncover facts and findings on toxic chemicals. From humble beginnings to the fastest growing beauty company hear her story. It’s FREE but places sell out extremely fast. If you are a teeny weeny bit intrigued. Would like to find out more how you could have your own beauty business. On your terms, to fit your lifestyle or current job. Do you wake up on Mondays dreading them. Are you fed up of being broke at the end of the month? What’s to loose by taking a look ☺️. I have loved every minute since joining nearly three years ago. Have made wonderful new friends, got my self esteem back and can’t wait to start a new week with new plans. Most of all I love what I do and would love to show you. 💚



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