First game with the full lineup was played tonight, with the squad showing some very promising signs for the regular season. Although the boys lost, and were still getting their eyes in after a long offseason (years for some) there were some big time performances.

Riley and Stef were looking like the splash brothers from deep, nailing multiple long bombs. Big nath was an absolute tank in the key, while the rookie Micky P got his first career bucket, showing why he is touted as a future men’s league MVP candidate.
The highlight of the game though was a half court alley oop from Declan “heccas deccas” Taylor, to running machine Riley, which was nicely finished by the man from the dales footy factory.

Stay tuned for more brilliant ranges basketball highlights, stats and interviews once our jerseys arrive... #lobcity #rangesbasketball #teamchemistrylevel100 #flex



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