@demixstans im aware. Is that a reason I should like her?


@fjrinf OHH silly me lol. I get ya 😂


@catpockets i mean in this post


@fjrinf talk to Hank? I don't think she ever did that in the game :O


@catpockets yeah ikr, i'm also asking how could amanda talk to hank then


@fjrinf No, she died on the 23rd of February in 2027 at the age of 48. She's AI that was incorporated into Connor's programming, and resembles Amanda Stern, an AI Professor at the University of Colbridge who taught Kamski when he was attending. Hope I was helpful :)


This made me laugh so fucking hard, you don’t understand.


@demixstans naw i don't mind her she just got in the way of my babies marky and simone having a beautiful relationship


@demixstans why everyone be fuckin north hmMm


@babyboy_tord North was used for sex just incase you didn't know-


@schwing_for_me North was used for sex I-


Todd and Zlakto


Yeah Amanda ish evil!


fuckin amanda obvs and todd and zlatko and FUCKING NORTH


Is amanda even alive?




Amanda, Todd, Zlatko


Josh and zlatko


@nickndnv ....he’s still an FBI douchebag


North, Todd, Amanda.


Zlatko and Amanda tbh


If you don’t get this we can’t be friends


And todd


Zlatko,Todd, Amanda, captain Allen, FBI douchebag


Todd, Amanda, —disclaimer she’s OKAY not the best— and North


I hate Amanda and Todd I have my reasons 😂

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