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Logan was skilled at what he did. He worked for an organization that kept underground crimes at bay. He was known for his ability as a sniper and an essentially member of his team. He always held a serious and stern demeanor at work. Most people he worked with would be surprised if they learned that when he was home he lived a very domestic life. He was married to y/c and they had two kids (one boy one girl). His whole demeanor changed once he was at home, he loved to spend time with his kids and y/c. However worked had pretty much consumed Logan, he wouldn't come home until after the kids were tucked in, he'd come home with bruise and exhausted. It was starting to take a toll on their family the more extensive mission Logan took. He was missing the kids, recitals, sports games and parents day and the kids were missing their dad a lot and their eldest was becoming fustrating thinking Logan didn't care about them because neither of the kids know what he really does for work. It was already very late one night, the kids had been tucked away and asleep. Logan had barely got home. He grunted softly in pain, with a few bandages over his face. This last mission had caused his team to be out numbered so he didn't come back without a few cuts and bruises. [Im think that y/c has enough and wanted him to take time away to be with family or maybe y/c is afraid he'll be hurt. Also maybe as a plot twist I'm thinking maybe an enemy gets word that Logan has a family and maybe depending on how angsty you want to go the enemy can break into their home or maybe kidnap their kids/ just y/c. lemme know if you have any ideas or what you want to do]
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