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Photos by @ciriljazbec | Bhutan is one of the world's remaining biodiversity hotspots. Fir trees create a dense cover in this forest. Approximately 72 percent of Bhutan is covered by forests. The country's government has a mandate that 60 percent will be protected for all time. Despite the government's environmental commitment, Bhutan's glaciers are retreating and melting, causing dangerous floods and resource scarcity. Hiking amidst these trees felt almost spiritual as if I encountered the Great Forest Spirit from the fantastic Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke film. To discover more, follow the link in my @ciriljazbec profile.




That place is so pretty👏


@mtc.lan.pi omggggg how beautiful ! Let’s go!


I'd never leave such a place! I'm amazed :)


I love your pictures!


@jessxorms my buddy is from near there, we should visit him and his wifey


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽


Cloud forest nice pic


Amazing picture 👌


Este bosque es asombroso!!


This is a dream!! Looks like an enchanted world...and we get to live in it!


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@buckner_jasmine a place we're going?¿


Que hermoso 😄😱


Es increíble!

this is incredible.


@fearoncraig I thought you’d appreciate it


So dreamy and moody!


The Wolters Family is itching to see Bhutan! @woltersworld


Wonderful place


Great job Bhutan..keep the spirit


Such beautiful flowers, such colours 😍



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