Fire Lily

Boston part 2! Walked through the Boston Holocaust Memorial, which has a tower for each death camp etched with the registration numbers of every person killed there. The floors were placed over smouldering coals that smoked and there were quotes from survivors carved in flagstones. It was sombering and we had to take a few minutes to collect ourselves. Definitely a must see.
Afterward, we went to the Boston Tea Party Museum at the harbor which had an hour-long in-character tour on a boat and indoors! We even got to throw "tea chests" overboard 🤩 It was a lot of fun and another must-do if you're in Boston! We ended the night at the Green Dragon Tavern which was one of the Headquarters of the Revolution and the first Patriots met there to discuss their plans. They have a fantastic house beer, the Green Dragon Brew, and their Chicken Pot Pie was delicious ❤️ We had an amazing time!!
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