Bianca Del Rio

BABY BIANCA 2001 ❤️❤️❤️ #circuitparty #barelyrememberthis #onewig #alwaysacircustheme




You were like 60 years old thete😍


Is it me @thebiancadelrio or you just look like @allaboutvalentina 😍😍😍😍❤️




@lcsl23 belíssima


OMG, so cute T.T❤️✨😍


Naomi Smalls, who?




I’m living for those bangs💜💜💜


@dayanareyf y rrrraaaaaaaaahhhh


@dayanareyf muertecita de miedo


@alan_2509 que sexy😍❤️😏


@alan_2509 que sexy😍❤️😏


@adavox I didn’t exist


@c.l.o.u.d.y.d.r.e.a.m.s I’m Canadian how would my parents vote for trump? LOL


omg i was literally like one month old when this photo was taken




omg wow, a bitch wasn’t born yet


So cute!


Gosh you're pretty !


i wasnt alive


Love the hair!


I was two years old


I was 2 years old 😩😩😂😂


I wasn’t even born yet!!!!




Sabrina Salerno realness


Oh my god i thought this was valentina


You look the same except that your hair got bigger and you show less skin 😂


Nice i was born in july 2001


I was one lol


I wasn't even alive 😂😂😂


Baby with grandma's face


i was 3 years old :)


I wasn't even born yet....

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