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🐶 S U P P E R T I M E 🐶

These two always let me know when it’s 6pm! It’s amazing that their inner body clocks are so accurate when it comes to dinner time! #feedmenow
It’s Day14 of #homediarydaily #novemberphotochallenge with today’s theme being #supper
Supper for me tonight is a simple one pot, winter wonder - you can see what it is in my stories! What are you having for tea tonight?
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Absolutley love you home. Getting lots of inspiration from your page 😁


Aww check them posers x


They are so adorable 😍


Hi Nice shot ✨ I used to post daily pics, if you want to take a look and follow @homeluxurydeco


So cute 💞


Cutest pic ever 😍


Oh my gosh, so cute! Are they mini doodles?


Look at those sweet faces!!!


Where did you get these adorable pups? #askingforafriend 🐶🐶


@raspberrykate oh it’s a warming drawer - great for warming dishes or keeping food warm if you run out of oven space or are feeding the family at staggered times. 💜


So cute 😍😍😍


So adorable xx


Please tell me what you have under your double ovens?


@jilld23 look at these cuties 😍






@homeattheheart that’s a lovely thing to say! I have a feeling their spoilt lol ☺️


@redbirdkay52 thank you this one is from @neptunehomeofficial 💜


@kelly.schuldt that’s exactly why we have two 😂😂


@laylaloou thank you 🐶🐶


@desert_hydrangea they’re so clever! 🐶🐶


@florence766 thanks so much 🐶🐶

@homeattheheart excellent my sausage one pot wonder was yummy too 😋


@myhouseof8 thank you they bring so much joy 🐶🐶


@jenniferlgress they really are 🐶🐶


@debby_at_hollyhouse we’re never short of dog sitters that’s for sure 🐶🐶


@kimberley_francis2013 I’m in love too they make our house a home 🐶🐶


@makingourhaven thanks they give so much joy 🐶🐶


@danielletweedlesblog thank you can’t resist those eyes 🐶🐶


@insightsintomylife they really are and bring so much happiness 🐶


@deardendreamhouse yes they’re such sweethearts 🐶🐶

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