Depends on my team, but I’d most likely choose T. Harris either way


John wall can lead the wizards but the team has no effort and they are lazy but these couple of games John has played hard and led the wizards on a winning streak


John wall is good and he's one of the best guard in this era to play basketball. He's hard to guard and he's trying to get his shot better everyday. Best defence I ever since as a point guard


John wall plays with no heart, overrated defender due to unreal laziness, has never led his team to winning anything substantial, can’t shoot, streaky on offense, turns it over a lot, and is known to be a douche bag and hard to get along with. He’s also set to be making close to 50 Mil entering his 30s and has injury concerns. No thank you


I agree personally


@wizardslegacy but did I Say he's on John's level?


what the hell? im unfollowing . Tobias is good but will never ever be on johns level


What the fuck. This shit is amazing. Wall is a top 6 PG in the league. He is a beast


Tobias is a young melo before he fucked up


Big facts


@ethanpatrick34 I think the word is spreading πŸ‘€


Duh,Tobias is the best sf in the league


I wanna see them play together


It's Litttt!!!


Never a big wall fan anyway


To anybody wondering why I'm using a 2k pic, I just felt like using it for some reason


Ummm I love Tobi but I mean it depends on what you asking for but 9 times out of 10 I’m taking John


@_matthew_marcotte_ I just felt like using it for some reason


@clippersunited idk I just felt like it


Agreed but what’s up with the 2k picture


Why use a picture from 2k

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