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If you can donate, this shelter is taking a lot 9f animals rescued from the southern California fires. Please consider donating!
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PLEASE SHARE! Conejo Vet wants to help make donations and deliveries to those animals affected by the fires in our area. We have reached out to a few places such as the Humane Society and the Camarillo Shelter to see what they might need for all the animals they currently have. Below is a list of items each place is in need of:
Humane Society: -basic medical supplies for horses - any type of dressings for lacerations/burns
- blankets, sheets, towels
Camarillo Shelter: -blankets, sheets, towels
-liquid laundry detergent
-gallon freezer ziplock bags
-puppy pads
-cat/dog food
Please feel free to drop off any of these donations at our hospital and we will be making deliveries all this week. #woolseyfire #hillfire #donations #community #helpinghand #conejovet #petcare

17 Los Angeles, California


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