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Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
Last night, crystal clear sky and spectacular landscape of the Rocky Mountains in moonlight. The Milky Way was still faintly visible thanks to the high altitude and transparent air. Above the frozen lake are the Maroon Bells, the two iconic peaks of the Elk Mountains, near Aspen.
Explore the beauties and wonders of night @babaktafreshi.
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@thenoel21 honeymoon ❤️ cold, hot chocolate, a wonderful view, next to you everything is amazing


Awesome view 👌


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Beautiful photo




Wow!! Dramatic night sky!! Awesome image and fascinating story!!😊✨👏🏼📷🌌


@isokfren confermo che si tratta di un posticino simpatico!


Not maroon bells again... so old and exhausted. Many other amazing peaks in CO, especially in the San Juans.... 👌🏿 but you do have to work for them...


@julia_wgn na hauptsache da hast bilder gemacht die du mir dann zeigen kannst^^


@kai_2201 ne aber ich war schon mal wo es so aussah




Nice shot


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I loved my visit in Colorado 😍


@julia_wgn warst du da auch schon?




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