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Just arrived in #Braga. Love the vibes in this city 🇵🇹 .
. #Bragatimetravel #Visitbraga

12,770 Braga, Portugal





Splendide 😻


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It’s so wonderful 💕


Portugal is a dream


@lilinebraga Genre des Pastei de nata ?! 😉


Beautiful pic! ☺️


Legend "The best brazilian coffe".. Kkkk this is True! 🇧🇷


"O melhor café é o brasileiro" i agree!!


(As the portuguese city that has more young people!!)


The youngest city in Portugal! Enjoy it!!!


Très belle photo


You have to visit Ponte de Lima!!! It is such a lovely place near Braga :)




Great shot!


Magnifique 👌🏼🔝


Quel monsieur stylé😍




( : نزلت ف الاستوري 113 صورة تعال شوف






Love this! And happy to meet you 💙


@itzel.alva me super apunto !


Enjoy! Love this scene!


Great shot


I’ve eaten at this cafe! Make sure to take the bus out to Bom Jesus do Monte and climb the stairs all the way up. You can take the funicular, but you’ll miss some cool chapels in the way.


Superbe!! ❤️


👏👏👏👏I accompany your beautiful images of Paris, but today what a great surprise. a café with a beautiful history and that goes back to my country. Congratulations on your images and care in portraying the best of our lives.


Enjoy 😏


@xanaa78 merci pour tous vos conseils. Je vais essayer de faire tout ça. C'est une ville agréable


@callicles tu attendras longtemps 😀

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