Happy Twin Goddess

The DM has been taking time in solitude thinking about his DF and how much he wants to be with her and create Heaven on Earth. He feels the love and wants to share his future with her. He is worried that she will choose someone else so he decides to rush forward with a passionate speech but it doesn’t go as planned as his DF cuts him down. You see she wants a king and his offer wasn’t enough, so she had no choice but to turn his offer down. She knows what she wants in life and is not afraid to say it. You need to go back to work DM and learn how to step up as although you thought the offer was solid, your DF needs to know you have grown. She is through with battles with you and doesn’t want any repeat performances and neither do you. So it’s time for the DM to understand how to move forward from these battles by releasing the old ways so he can return to his DF in a way that she knows this time it’s for real. DMs you are being asked to trust in the plan, you have been through a lot emotionally and mentally as you have been on a fast track to catch up with your DF but don’t worry, it will all work out OK, just trust that brighter times are coming to you. You will see the light. You also need to learn how to protect your energy from negative energies. Don’t allow these energies to bring you down and keep you stuck. Learn how to clear your energy field. Go out for walks, meditate, do things that lift your vibration. This is a time for healing for you DM and although painful, you will reach a resolution regarding something that’s been holding you back. A big breakthrough is coming to you and this will help you move forward and heal something significant. Waves of inspiration and love are coming to you. You are feeling waves of love energetically from your DF and it is inspiring you to finish up the healing that you need to do. It’s giving you hope that you can succeed so keep tapping into this energy to finish the job you started. 🔥🔥💖💓#twinflames #twinflame #twinflamejourney #twinflamelove #twinflameunion #divinemasculine #divinelove #divineunion #energyreading #tarot




@luminoushandsmassage me too!! Just wow!! @happytwingoddess thank you🙏💖💛


Beautiful reading


Indeed, scary spot on! So thankful to have this validation n guidance 💖🙏


Perfect ♥️ this is where I am exactly with my DM



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