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Photo @stephen_matera // Mt. Rainier reflected in a small stream at sunset in late autumn, Mt. Rainier National Park. Usually this area is buried under a few feet of snow by now but autumn has been warm and dry in the Pacific Northwest. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Mt. Rainier and around the world. #mtrainier #glacier #wilderness #sunset

252,780 Mt Rainier National Park



@infinitexplorations Sadly I don't recognize this exact spot.


@phlox_meadow_photography do you know what trail is this?


Elite, elegant and beautiful…Thanks for it!


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Hahahaha @marianaplee Of course!

Wooow its beautiful🙌


@joaogallieta é lindo...Mas tem lugares mais bonitos






@a.tinso I haven’t...yet ☺️😉 it’s on the list for when the ankle is operational


@kate_in_wanderland have you been around here?


@become_wanderlust je sens que le délai est serré 😁


@benjaminkerguelen on y croit on y croit mais ça évolue pas beaucoup pour le moment 😂




@become_wanderlust oui ça s'apprend, regarde moi. Très patient. Dès que je suis prêt je te dis 😉


@benjaminkerguelen je peux attendre la patience s’apprend m’a t on dit :p attendre jusqu’à quand ? Telle est la question 😁




@lan._.cui 像雾像雨又像风😂


@al.kalp 😍😍😍😍


@mcarter2006 This is where I thought we could go on our next US trip 👆🏻


@phlox_meadow_photography I can’t wait . Thank you for the information.

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