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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Carpets of tulip fields in Den Helder, The Netherlands. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen #denhelder #netherlands


Felt Like Home | Photograph by Bachir Badaoui (@bachir01)
“The charming and cultivating city of Rio de Janeiro totally captured my heart. Rio de Janeiro is not my home, but somehow I felt like I was at home. It took me back all the way to my childhood growing up in Tyre, Lebanon where I spent almost 18 years of my life,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Bachir Badaoui. “In Tyre, I used to play soccer with my friends almost daily on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. When I visited Rio de Janeiro for the first time, I felt the instant connection to home through the beach life, soccer, food, and sunsets.” This photo was submitted to our “My Home” assignment. To participate in our current assignments—and for your chance to be featured on @natgeoyourshot—go to the link in our profile.

“I really enjoy how you captured this moment. Seeing all the various activities that are happening on the sand, with the soccer in the forefront emphasizes your caption. I too have visited places that I had an instant connection with that made me feel ‘at home.’ It's always comforting when it immediately happens, I like to imagine if I could see myself living in places I go to, so that makes it easy to add to my dream list.” — @natgeoyourshot Community Manager Christina Shorter (@shortercr)


Blausee - Switzerland ✨💚💚💚✨
Picture by ✨✨@sennarelax✨✨
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STORY TAKEOVER! “Spring Break forever.” writes @madmax_fluffyroad | Tap our Stories and check out how Max spent her spring break in Miami! #dogsofinstagram


#FotoDelDía | Poco después de una nevada, la fotógrafa de @natgeoyourshot tuvo la oportunidad de fotografiar las Horsetail Falls en el Parque Nacional de Yosemite. "Cada año, durante unos días en febrero, el sol se pone en un ángulo determinado e ilumina la cascada en colores naranja y rojo luminiscentes, lo que hace que se vea como lava fundida".


Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio I The Bavarian Forest National Park (German: National Park Bayerischer Wald) is a national park in the Eastern Bavarian Forest on Germany's border with the Czech Republic. Founded in 1970 as the first national park in Germany, since its expansion in 1997 it now covers an area of 24,250 hectares. Together with the neighbouring Czech Bohemian Forest, the Bavarian Forest forms the largest contiguous area of woodland in Central Europe.
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On planet Earth, a heart can be made with pure sunlight. 💖 For 23-year-old photographer Amatou (@amatou_0429), capturing this epic reflection in Japan was no accident. “It can only be seen in the early morning for a short period during a certain time of year,” he says. Furthermore, the clouds, wind and humidity all have to cooperate to get this one just right.
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Photo by @amatou_0429


Happy earth day - here’s some favorite images of our planet in all her glory. I’ve been lucky enough to travel frequently for work and while I always feel a pang of guilt about flying so often, I hope that these images inspire you in some way to think twice about generating that extra trash or buying something you don’t need. We only have one planet, let’s try our best to be mindful of our impact and to lessen that where we can. Small steps can lead to big changes #earthday


I often tell people that the best time to visit Yosemite National Park is in late April and early May. The snowmelt means the waterfalls are at full power, and the summer tourist season hast started, so the crowds aren’t huge.

Yosemite is unquestionably one of America’s greatest national parks, but to really experience it you have to find a time when the crowds are minimal.

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