VuThéara Kham

Autumn Vibes in Porto 🍁🇵🇹

12,654 Porto, Portugal





Your feed makes me longing so much for Paris 😍🙏🏻


Beautiful 💙💙


Wow great capture


Such a beautiful beautiful shot ♥︎♥︎♥︎


Aw nice


@spintotheground olha q lindas as fotos!


Tes photos sont vraiment magnifique, le jeu de lumière est très jolie 👏👏👏👏👏


Reellement magnifique


Perfect city scene man! 🤩


@valerianesevrain compte à rebours hahah


Un beau moment capturé !


Missing Porto badly




Loving the fall feels! 🔥🙌🏽


Looks very much like Paris!


Perfection! ❤️ this photo!




wonderful scene


Nice shoot!!


Très beau prise! 👌🏼


Such a wonderful place x


Love it! 👏👏👏


Très jolie photo et si "sharp"! J'ai toujours voulu vous demander le type d'appareil photo que vous utilisez. Merci !


My daughter arrived in this city today, what are your ‘must see’s here”?


Superbe 😍


Hope you’re enjoying it and let me know if you need anything/have any questions!! X


@gan_byun Porto 🙏🏼


Superbe scène 😍


Wonderful as always.


Magnifique 👍🏽😊💓💓



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