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Video by Michaela Skovranova @mishkusk | A young Green Turtle is enjoying a jellyfish meal off the East Coast of Australia.
Juvenile green turtles are omnivores and will happily feed on almost anything, jellyfish included. As they grow older their diet tends to shift towards consuming seagrass and algae. Because sea turtles are reptiles, they are much less likely to suffer from the adverse effects of the jellyfish stinging cells. Unfortunately for turtles, it is often hard to distinguish a piece of floating plastic from a jellyfish. Research has shown that a turtle has a 22% chance of dying if it eats just one piece of plastic. Us humans have excellent opportunity to help - we can opt for plastic-free alternatives, shop consciously or even collect a few pieces of debris on our walk home. Drains and rivers lead to the ocean, therefore, no matter where in the world you are every little bit counts.
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I love 💘 sea turtles


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@tdnguye haha. Lies. You knew the turtle ate the jellyfish and loved it!


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@mlle_petit_pois et celle la c'est à regarder quand t'es stressée, un visionnage équivaut à une séance de yoga 🐢


@love.zero_0409 03,我很認真的去查我不會的單字然後看完文章。很可愛的小烏龜❤️希望大家能一起守護牠❤️


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It's so important to protect our oceans and reduce our pleasure to consumption. Love the message you're putting out @natgeo! 💖 We should all strive to reduce plastic waste as much as possible for ourselves and the planet.


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This is so sad. :(


Wow it's so amazing beautiful😍


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