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Narcissists Have No Empathy🙄
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He’s not wrong.... but I can see the point your making. Fair enough


@vomeronasal 💙
Yea your right & I usually just roll my eyes at them. I’m used to the “libtard” comments from idiotic trolls but his post was the first to really get under my skin. I just couldn’t believe anyone could say they had no empathy for those poor people.


@rogue__rebel don’t even bother w that tool- anyone that listens to trump and defends him is obviously not worth the energy. #jackass


@rogue__rebel Asshole trolls like that are not worth responding to.


My heart breaks for our American brothers and sisters in California. When we cannot feel the true pain of others, there is something definitely wrong.


@rolfaboi He didn’t tell them how to manage forests!! He doesn’t know!! Only went to Cali for a photo op


@rolfaboi No sympathy huh?
1,000 still missing
77 confirmed dead
Many died and were cremated in their homes and cars from the intense heat. An entire town gone!! Tens of thousands lost their homes and personal property. These people didn’t have a damn thing to do with “forest management” a large portion of Ca. forest areas are federal lands & Trump is responsible for federal lands😡 You should be ashamed! May the spirits of those lost haunt your dreams!


@rolfaboi He told them to rake the forest 🙄 Ca. has 33 million acres of forested land. It would take around 129,000 people to rake it. Pay them $15 an hour and it would cost aprox. 4 billion dollars per YEAR!! That’s just the cost of raking it up! Then you need to pay to get it all hauled away, plus where will you haul it all to?? Don’t be a trump🙄 use some common sense!


Trump told the Californians how to prevent wildfires and everyone called him a selfish idiot. I have no sympathy for them

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