It doesn’t get any easier once you get that #bfp does it? 😏 I’m trying really hard to stay in the positive pregnant bubble but it’s hard! I feel like I’ve got a constant knotted tense ball in my throat and I have to keep stopping myself and taking a deep breath to try and unwind it.
I am pregnant, I’m staying pregnant.....but I wish there was a way of knowing for sure! Not really got much in the way of symptoms so just waiting on a date for our week 7/8 scan 🤞🏻#ivfjourney #ivf #fet #naturalfet #13dp6dt




I took weekly test as that was my reassurance , I am now 30weeks pregnant. Good luck x


I know how you feel, I wasn't offered a blood test had to wait for 8 week scan


It hasn’t gone away for me either. I have to stop myself when any negative thoughts come to mind. I just try and repeat positive affirmations.


@makingbabyd2018 Snap no betas at mine either unless specifically ask for it (but it’s a long journey just for a blood test!). They do a scan at 3 weeks after your test at our clinic so I’ll be around 7 weeks I think by then x


I'm feeling the same as you, I'm 13dp5dt and i have very strong positives on my tests. I'm terrified to get excited but today I feel a bit more positive. They don't do betas at my clinic only a test and then a scan at 6 weeks so I'm going to go to my own GP and ask for a blood test to check hgc and hormone levels are ok while I wait for my scan xx

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