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Photo by @taylorglenn // In Utah’s Cathedral Valley, these incredible boulders made of basalt and andesite were deposited throughout the desert during massive landslides and then are distributed throughout the landscape by the erosive forces of water. Completely out of place and visually stunning. Follow @taylorglenn for more from the West and beyond. #utah #desert #geology #travel #nature




No scale, no use :(






I just saw the one on the left move...


Parecem botões de brinquedos...

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Looks like Musson touched it, in utah




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Its very good and special # believe that


@natgeotravel trying to get a sense of scale, how big are these rocks?


Awesome 😍


Sorry to be out of topic, but this beautiful scene sort of reminds me of all the times I was wandering around in the desert in the game “Breath of the Wild” as Link and I cannot stop feeling the urge of picking up those stones lol


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Gok tasimi onlar




This is beautiful


👏👌Amazing. Outstanding💕

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