Hello, hello! I'm back!!! I finished my finals exams last Saturday but things have been very hectic since I'm preparing to fly back to Indonesia. Here's a quick post for you guys! I've been thinking hard on what craft supplies to bring back to Indo just in case I want to make something before ordering more yarn > w <




@whimscree bikin santa claus aja 😀


@whimscree hihihi semangat kaaaak~~ 😁


@merlynwikarsa Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


@ag93silver pastiii kok~ aku nanti pasti buat di indo > w <


اخییییی قلمبه ها 😍❤


How bout making some more spoiled rabbit couple and sell them out while you're back in Indonesia? Hehehe. Bercanda kak (tapi beneran juga gpp kok 😂)


aaaa mau yang duduk 😭😍😂


I want it 🙇

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