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Photo by Stephen Alvarez @salvarezphoto | A Bedouin man leads his camels past Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) in the Nabatean city of Petra. Built in the first century A.D, this mausoleum is the most famous of Petra’s carved facades. In the first century Petra was a prosperous city of 20,000 built in part on the lucrative trade in frankincense. The engineering that went into Petra is astounding. Not only were huge tombs like this carved from solid rock, but water was diverted for miles along covered aqueducts to water the prosperous city. Shifting trade routes later bypassed Petra, and it was abandoned by all but a handful of nomads by the late 700s. #petra #jordan




@elizabethpaiva that looks so mysterious. I love it


Я хочу там побывать


Beautiful ♥️💖💗


Petra que nous avons visité est merveilleuse


@katevolle sick info on that


@raineariir números corazón , números . Pon fecha !!


❤️❤️ Great shot! 🙌


Love Petra and Jordan. I was born in Jordan ❤️💕😍


Um monte de cruzeirense


We were there 2010 awesome place and rode on the camels 🐪 👍🏽


@ra_ve6 Añashuayco 😏


@pipeocampo05 claro ese es el objetivo


@san2996 algún día tenemos que viajar y tomar fotos




Lamentável que alguns maltratem os camelos, fome, fisicamente, conforme vistos , por local maravilhoso, lindo, histórico, e o turista assistir esses comportamentos. !


@desoeiro our project!!


@elooval ❤️❤️❤️




Such an awesome place to visit and see with ones own eyes..🙏🙏


Jahova was spelled with an I



Александрия...одно из первых мест для посещения мной




Дуже гарне фото Стефана Альвареса. ЙОРДАНІЯ. ПЕТРА. Людина веде верблюдів по древньому закинутому поселенню--- ПЕТРА. ДЯКУЮ ЗА ПРЕКРАСНЕ ФОТО

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