Sarah Aswell

Waiting to get a chipped tooth fixed at the dentist, and I was handed what seems like the “lady” pile of magazines while my Novocaine kicked in. Had to walk over and check out the dude pile of magazines.




Jen introduce your kids to the burger dad so help me god


@seaswell my tweets occasionally fall apart too but I think I should make up cool stories.


dad of two owns a burger company!


Was novocaine even enough to kill the pain of Golf magazine?


If she marries this regular slob of a CEO, will she take his last name and be known as Jennifer Lunchpail?


@dumberchemistry Not at all. I don’t even know how or when it happened. 🤷‍♀️


Always readers digest 🙌


How did you chip a tooth? Cool story?


Also, total lady pile. Barf.


Don't forget to check out the hand sanitizer next! 💦

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