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Photo by @kevinfaingnaert // Nestled between the altitude sickness-inducing mountains in Peru's central south are the Salineras de Maras, translating to the salt ponds of Maras. These evaporation pools climb up the hillside and number into the hundreds. Predating the Incas, they're believed to have been built by the Chanapata people sometime between 200 and 900 A.D. Aside from its nutritional value, the salt ponds of Maras are often visited for their spectacular scenery. #peru #southamerica




@shrutivenk spectacular indeed


@shrutivenk awe miss the fam & the trip, should do another one soon


The photo doesn’t do it justice!


Are you on other social media?


@brickellpolitan we went today! 🙌


Look! Here is the place where you are doing your research. Wonderful


Maras 💗










@cat_belle let’s go back 😍


@grockaflocka my cousins are doing the same hike now!!!


@electriccam Hey Diane I went when I was here in July. It was an incredible sight. One little salty stream fed 3700 salts pools.


@r.cheerio totally thought this was one of our photos!


I think this was my favourite experience in Peru


Imperdibles! Yo estuve


@johnnyutah1 will you be going here??


@el__descubrimiento die van ons waren beter wollah


There last February amazing how Jehovah's planet provides for mankind's needs


@sarahelphiick 🙌🏻 we were there!!


@el__descubrimiento kankershmet, gewoon alle foto’s doorsturen vanaf nu


@tulsigriffiths I miss Cuzco and especially Cuzqueña!


@joachimvs @kristof_backx gvd die hebben wij ook genomen :0


I traveled there in 2016 & it is a very well orchestrated system. They also have small shops where you can purchase various types of salt from the ponds. Delicious! 👍🏽



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