A very limited edition double cassette of the Live in Buenos Aires album (out tomorrow!) is in the Coldplay Store now, alongside an exclusive fanzine all about the Butterfly Package! Order via link in bio. #theButterflyPackage




@aguscabello1 @melisabuffarininoack @lubuffarinin 😱. En Spotify ya está para escuchar el show de LP 🎉 y tener algunos deja vu de lo vivido.


@judithelisabeth so just in case you were wondering, i live pretty close to the airport. And easyjet flies here from both of your countries... just saying ;)


Woooow amazing


@ooomruk ไม่เอาน่า วัยรุ่น! 👏😄


@celneli74 hi ...sorry no. ☹


@barron.raul.a lo quieroo en cassetteee


@felipezark eu que quero kkkk


@anniesanell jaaaaa jag såg detta!! I neeeed!!


All the configurations are beautiful, but what about the Blu-ray Edition?...


@mercy65awake hi sorry to bother but have you been able to order it? I can't find the link to do so but maybe it's sold out. I'd love to listen to it on my old Sony sports walkman 😍😍


@coldplay where is "the link in the bio" for heaven's sake??? I want it pleeeeeease


@lelupons ya te lo pediste???


Voy a volar dijo el gusano 🐛 todos se rieron excepto las mariposas 🦋 // I'm going to fly said the worm 🐛 , everyone laughed except the butterflies 🦋


@tatianarios.r arreglemos el equipo para que lo pueda reproducir 🤗🤗🙄


Cassette?? When creative thinking goes wrong...👏


@caiquesouzal Hahahahhwhaha eu que queroooo


@jorgess.01 lo acabo de ver 😂 jajajaja


@touaregbebe70 many of us hifi geeks.


@lehfreitas 😍😍😍


I love this picture purple color very nice!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


@lenesolaas 😂😂




Que você venha fazer show aqui no Brasil em 2019 Rock Rio , estamos aguardando.


Cassette ? Wtf? Why no Blu-Ray?


Can not wait to purchase another peace of your love


@syahwalrama pliiizz💔


Marvelous for those who still own a cassette player.


@xxshadownoxx alv Yane perdieron x x


😱😱 xk dios 😢 lo quiero!! 🙏


@romavianca I know 😭😭😭


Omg cassettes! I want it but done have a player anymore lol @timloucks


Adioooooos dinero @peredasmartin


@biomare <3 y el precio?

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