Gal Gadot

Bucket list item checked off. Be apart of a musical number in a Disney movie!! ✔️ . . .

Also so happy to hear the film is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. So so grateful I got to be apart of this film! #Shank #SlaughterRace




Very nice


היי יקירה מוזמנת להציץ על המוצר החדש שלנו


Haha 😂


You 😮😮😮😮tooo




@ghracy.garcia hmm.. parang hnd nya boses


Just saw that




@__sne__ha gal gadot voice🙌🙌


Gal gadot your videos are cool


That’s why the voice sounded so familiar 😂


Do you know if there will be another fast and furious??😍😍


Welcome back watch your head hate to see you end up dead😂 It's the second time I hear you sing❤️the first time is Here comes the rain again.


אני עדיין בשוק שאת גל גדות המופרסמת השתתפה בסרט פיקסאר שאני ככ אוהבת אני ככ גאה בך😍⁦🇮🇱⁩⁦❤️⁩


Not really good but still love it


Is disney tryna buy fast and the furious cos this movie kinda shows it lol


Is that Princess Penelope’s long lost mother? I can only wonder. Nice voice


I've never pressed like so fast 🔝


@gal_gadot you have a lovely singing voice!


נשאר לה רק לזכות בנובל ולגעת עם הלשון באף @omerifergan


I collect from Magis with a headache






Your voice is pure magic🌟

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