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Video by @drewtrush | When we started talking about this project working in Yukon-Charley Rivers N.P., we were told point blank we were likely going to fail. “No way those wolves would tolerate your presence” seemed to be the consensus. As we eventually found and watched them from a distance the first year, I couldn’t help but notice locations that would be incredible camera trap spots if we had a chance to come back the second year (which we did). First and foremost when setting a camera trap is to capture some kind of behavior, something unique. Our cameras stayed in the field for 6 weeks. After Mat Sorum, biologist for @alaskanps collected the cameras and I didn’t hear from him for a while I couldn’t stand it anymore so I text him “If the footage we got before I left was a 5, where do we stand now?” “10” he replied. To learn about what this wolf is doing, jump over and follow along with @drewtrush. Learn even more by clicking on the link in his bio. #commonground @nationalparkservice




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This is a cool I love Earth


Tha wolf camouflages so well in the Rocky bank wish I could do that!!😀


Caption that


this sounds like the river from undertale


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