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Can we just say how proud we are of this girl, Erya? Erya has been seeing us for almost a year now. She was just 1 yr old when she was diagnosed with kidney disease related to adrenal insufficiency, aka Addison’s disease. Her family wanted to maintain her health without the daily prednisone. At the time of her first visit, Eyra had not had a heat cycle! Erya fit the FIRE WOOD personality type. However, because her adrenal glands were weak, she was more fearful than she should be and it took her some time to warm up to us. Fear is linked to the kidney/adrenal element in Chinese medicine. She and her family live on a farm, so her mom was willing to cook. We started out with supplements and a fresh diet. We slowly incorporated acupuncture and soon Erya had her first heat cycle. Her family has slowly weaned down on the prednisone and with consistency of treatment, we have all watched this girl blossom into a vibrant, more relaxed and healthy adolescent!! Seeing her smile makes our hearts happy!! The gift of health is the best gift you can give your fur baby!#healthypups #holisticvet #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #veterinarymedicine



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