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Photo @stephen_matera // The Empress Hotel reflected in the Inner Harbour at night, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Opened on January 25th, 1908, the Empress is one of the oldest hotels in Victoria. The building was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada by Parks Canada in 1981. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this form Canada and around the world. #victoria #innerharbour

235,414 Victoria, British Columbia



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High tea there is just like being at the a


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@vishaka.singh that's my kinda place


@fbcriminal call me crazy I would still choose Haridwar over this😂😍


@marshiel Mom look at night time 👆🏼


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Beautiful place to be...once upon a vacation! Looking forward to returning!


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Great city of all allow resorces


Love British Columbria I’ve been there with my parents


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@sherlita_sari nanti tunggu undangann sistaa. Biar kita bawa pangeran asli azgard ke VCO ya gaa @kang.dije 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪


@stephen_matera Absolutely stunning


@alegaltier vai ser maravilhoso voltar nesse lugar ao seu lado ❤️


@alegaltier vai ser maravilhoso voltar nesse lugar ao seu lado ❤️


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