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This little gal, Sammy, is one lucky pup. She was rescued from a gas station several years ago. Then less than a month after receiving a set of vaccines, she developed a severe autoimmune condition called autoimmune hemolytic anemia. This is very common since vaccines cause extreme heat in the xue or blood level. She first saw us 3 years ago for complications related to the prednisone. She had just started Transfer Factor, one of our favorite supplements for immune health. We helped balance her yin deficiency, guided her mom on diet change with more cooling foods and made sure she understood the dangers of annual vaccines. We had lost touch with this gal until recently when she came back in for some help with weight loss. We were so impressed with how well she has done. Most dogs with auto immune hemolytic anemia remain on prednisone for life but not this girl! I’m TCM we believe a balanced body should recover and stay healthy and this girl proves that!! #healthypups #holisticvet #titertesting #veterinaryacupuncture #veterinarychinesemedicine



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